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Outlet : SF Business Times
September 2, 2011
Outlet : SF Weekly
August 1, 2011

As someone who grinds my own flour, I’m pretty picky about my pancakes. I’ve historically scoffed at boxed mixes and simple white flour, but I’ll use Jack & Jason’s mix for myself and my kids. Jack Harper and Jason Jervis quit their corporate jobs and set up shop in the Dogpatch to pursue the perfect … Read the Rest…

Outlet : California Country
July 2011

Pancake pioneers Jack Harper and Jason Jervis serve up stacks of flavor and freshness with their new line of gourmet pancake and waffle mixes. Distributed under San Francisco-based parent company Harvis Enterprises Ltd., Jack & Jason’s Pancakes & Waffles are made using local ingredients, including whole wheat grains and flours from a Bay Area mill … Read the Rest…

Outlet : Northside San Francisco
May 2011

With Mother’s Day approaching, thoughts turn to brunch. This year, why not make mom some gourmet pancakes or waffles? Jack & Jason’s is a new gourmet brand of pancake and waffle mix launched in San Francisco this past February by Jack Harper and Jason Jervis (their headquarters are in the Dogpatch neighborhood). The mixes come … Read the Rest…

Outlet :
May 23, 2011

A Wholesome Breakfast While I love a hot cooked breakfast, I’m not much of a morning person so I often resort to cold cereal for breakfast.  If that rings a bell with you or if you prefer not to search for a recipe prior to your first cup of coffee then Jack and Jason’s Pancakes … Read the Rest…

Outlet : Gratitude Gourmet
April 21, 2011

Jack and Jasons Pancakes and Waffles has a great line of Pancake and Waffle Mixes like Double Chocolate, Blueberry, and Banana & Walnut. If you’e looking for a great treat, you must try these. The mixes themselves are vegan and can also be prepared vegan using egg substitute, oil and almond/soy milk.  It’s a gourmet pancake and waffle mix that incorporates … Read the Rest…

Outlet : Asterisk Magazine
April 2011

Jack and Jason’s Pancake Mix Only in San Francisco can you find a local one of a kind brand of pancake and waffle mix that’s 100% all-natural and sourced practically from our own backyard. Jack Harper and Jason Jervis offer a variety of gourmet quality mixes that won’t break the bank and leave you with … Read the Rest…

Outlet : Common Ground
March 2011

Jack and Jason were recently featured in the March issue of Common Ground Magazine. Check out page 26 in the “Green Scene” section for a picture of our happy pancake-makers!

Outlet : The Bay Citizen
March 21, 2011

I’m a sucker for the little guy. And San Francisco and the rest of the Bay Area seem to produce a lot of little guys of the food world – the small companies that have one or two products in which they specialize. What’s always impressive is when these companies can make their business work, … Read the Rest…

Outlet : Food Gal
March 18, 2011

I’m not sure the world needs another pancake/waffle mix. But San Francisco entrepreneurs Jack Harper and Jason Jervis are betting you’ll find theirs irresistible. Their Jack & Jason’s Pancake & Waffle Mixes, which come in five flavors, are made with unenriched whole wheat flour, oatmeal and real fruit. Choose from: Original, Blueberry, Double Chocolate, Banana-Walnut … Read the Rest…

Outlet : Bay Area News Group
March 8, 2011

Before I cracked the first egg, warmed up the griddle or broke out the maple syrup for this dissection of the pancake mix genre, I did my due diligence: I talked to a friend who spends one Sunday morning a month flipping enough pancakes to feed 80 hungry junior high students. She makes flapjacks of … Read the Rest…

Outlet : Daily Candy
February 14, 2011

You and powdery substances have had a rocky relationship. Make nice with Jack & Jason’s Pancakes & Waffles, a line of all-natural, artisanal mixes concocted by two entrepreneurs in the Dogpatch. Five classic flavors — original, blueberry, double chocolate, banana-walnut, and pumpkin-spice — use unprocessed ingredients such as unenriched whole wheat flour and grains from … Read the Rest…