Jack & Jason’s Story

The journey in building our company began in our final year working at large companies in the Bay Area. We were extremely driven to do more and learn more at a much faster pace than our respective employers were willing to let us move.  We knew that we wanted to build a quality company that encouraged employees to satisfy their intellectual curiosity and overcome challenges using  innovative solutions to everyday business challenges but first we needed to have a product to sell.

One Saturday morning we went to a neighborhood market in San Francisco in search of a gourmet pancake or waffle mix we could enjoy over breakfast while  brainstorming business ideas. To our surprise, the selections were underwhelming and  redundant, so we began a search to identify our favorite pancake or waffle mix brand. Over the next several weeks we bought every pancake/waffle mix brand we could find and sampled each one. We created binders  and used them as we prepared each mix to record copious notes and pictures documenting smell, taste, and texture. Shortly thereafter we realized none of the mixes met our standards to be considered “pancake perfection”. The answer became so clear to us in that moment, we needed to create our own pancake and waffle mix! After months of testing, refining, sourcing, and perfecting our formula Jack & Jason’s Pancakes and Waffles was officially born. Eventually we both quit our full time corporate life to experience the life of passionate and poor entrepreneurs in pursuit of a dream to build  a strong and enduring brand and business.  This is what gives us purpose and ignites the passion in us everyday to continually improve what we do and learn more about the world.

We feel truly honored and blessed to share our mix and our journey with you.

- Jack & Jason