It is our goal to be active participants in the revitalization of the United States manufacturing sector. Everyday companies and individuals are presented with choices to support US economic recovery through the purchase of products made in the USA or support the outsourcing of vital US manufacturing jobs by purchasing goods manufactured in labor markets that manipulate monetary value to keep employee wages artificially low. As an organization we analyze purchasing decisions from our raw materials to our office supplies with the intent of contributing to the creation of American jobs.   We are committed to supporting products, brands, and companies that manufacture their products in the United States and invest in America.

In order to accelerate economic recovery in the United States, consumers must demonstrate confidence in the courage and determination of American entrepreneurial spirit by investing their hard earned dollars in  products made in the USA by businesses small and large. The temptation for large companies to take advantage of cheaper foreign labor markets is a highly tempting proposition, especially when the leaders of those companies are far removed from the day to day struggles of the middle class workforce. We go beyond insisting that products we purchase are manufactured domestically, we also insist that the company reinvest a majority of profits made domestically into US economic development.   If we all  make more conscience decisions to buy products made in the USA we do more than create jobs, we help change lives for the better by helping employees acquire new skill sets, and expand domestic labor capabilities.

Please support and help us create jobs by telling your local grocery manager about our product and asking them to stock Jack & Jason’s Pancake & Waffle Mix in their store!

Thank You!

- Jack & Jason